The Nordic Society for Veterinary Epidemiology (NOSOVE) is an informal organization with the vision of advancing veterinary epidemiology. The volunteering board aim to fulfill the vision by providing courses and opportunities to socialise and strengthen the network among post graduate students, researchers and others with an interest in epidemiology. Events are presented through the society network (blogspot).
NOSOVE started in 1988 as a collaboration between the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and has expanded to include the Baltic countries, but welcome members and participants from all countries.

Wednesday, 25 January 2006

Minutes of the General Assembly NOSOVE, 25. January 2006, Holmenkollen, Norway

1.     Chairman: Ulf Emanuelson
2.     Sectretary: Helga Høgåsen
3.     Keeper of minutes: Trude Lyngstad
4.     Report from the board:
Chairman Lis Alban shortly resumed the work of the boar during 2005. NOSOVE will be hosting SVEPM in 2007 in Helsinki, and AnnaMaija Virtala will be the local organiser. To cope with this, Lis has been elected to the board of SVEPM, and Anna-Maija has been co-opted to the board.
5.     Treasurers report
Treasurer Ann Lindberg (S) presented the accounts. See copy of report. Last  year's meeting could have lead to a deficit due to a late change of venue, but produced a zero result, thanks to funding from Formas (the Swedish Research Council for Environment, Agricultural Sciences and Spatial Planning).  
6.     Settlement of the account and approval of the administration during the last election period.
Vote: All in favour. Accounts were approved.
7.     Election of members of board:
Ann Lindberg (S) – re-elected as treasurer
Olli Peltoniemi (F) - elected as ordinary board member
Lis Alban (DK) – serving another year as chairman
Marianne Sandberg (N) – serving another year as deputy chairman
Trude Lyngstad (N) – retiring to give space to an extra Finn in the board
Extra from Finland - Anna Maija (F) – elected as ordinary board member
8.     Election of substitutes of the board:
a.     Trude Lyngstad (N) - elected
b.     Annette Ersbøl (DK) – re-elected 
9.     Auditors/ deputy auditor
a.     Eystein Skjerve (N) – re-elected
b.     Katarina Svensson (S) – re-elected
c.      Marcus Doherr (re-elected as deputy auditor) 
10.  Membership fee:
No membership fee 
11.  Anna-Maija Virtala presented a worst case scenario of the budget for the coming SVEPM 2007. The Annual meeting of ECVPH will be in fall 2007 in Finland, and will therefore not interfere with SVEPM. SVEPM 2007 (in collaboration with NOSOVE) will take place from 28- 30 March 2007. It was agreed that NOSOVE’s board will do their best to assist Anna-Maija and the Finnish organising group in organising this meeting. Important tasks are: 1) Recalculation of the budget to a realistic budget, 2) and contact to possible sponsors. This should be made/started within this spring and the budget presented at the SVEPM board meeting in March 2006.
 12. Proposal: Nosove donation 1000 Euros for SVPM 2007. Accepted.
Any other business: if anybody has a good idea on courses and workshops, then please forward it to a board member. Nils Toft proposed a course on Bayesian statistics by use of WinBugs. Nils volunteered to be a teacher at such a course. Anna-Maija was asked to find a local Finnish organizer that could assist in organising such a course in conjunction with the SVEPM meeting.
13. Closing
After the meeting the idea was put forward that Iceland would be organising the NOSOVE meeting in 2008. Audur Arnthorsdottir (IS) agreed to check out possibilities and get back to the board about this. Lis Alban offered to help in the organisation of such a course.

February 7, 2006
Lis Alban                                    Trude Lyngstad
Chairman                                   Keeper of minutes

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