The Nordic Society for Veterinary Epidemiology (NOSOVE) is an informal organization with the vision of advancing veterinary epidemiology. The volunteering board aim to fulfill the vision by providing courses and opportunities to socialise and strengthen the network among post graduate students, researchers and others with an interest in epidemiology. Events are presented through the society network (blogspot).
NOSOVE started in 1988 as a collaboration between the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and has expanded to include the Baltic countries, but welcome members and participants from all countries.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Minutes from the General Assembly of NOSOVE, Oslo, Norway, November, 2010

1.      Election of Chairman of the General Assembly
Adrian Muwonge was approved.
2.      Election of the Secretary of the General Assembly
Anne Cathrine Whist was approved.
3.      Election of the Keeper of the minutes of the General Assembly
Marit Stormoen was approved.
4.      The report of the board concerning the latest election period
Last meeting was in Uppsala, Sweden. The topic of the course was Behavioral science.  
5.      The treasurer’s report of the accounts and the certification
See attached report, costs: webside maintenance (800 SEK per year), support of SVEPM, meetings. The total amount on the account is 165 000 SEK.
6.      Settlement of the account and approval of the administration during the last election period:
Was approved by applause from the meeting participants
7.      Election of the new board members: Chairman Marianne Sandberg (DK) would serve another year. Trude Lyngstad (N) would serve as a Deputy Chairman for another year. Treasurer Ann Lindberg (S) serves another year and Liza Rosenbaum Nielsen (DK) will serve another year as the Secretary. Anna-Maija Virtala (SF) serves another year as a member. 
All new members were approved by the meeting participants
8.      Election of substitutes for the board: Heidi Rosengren (SF) and Torben Nielsen (DK) were up for election as substitute members and were approved by the meeting participants.
9.      Election of two auditors and a deputy auditor: Petter Hopp (N), Francisco Calvo Artavia (DK) and Britt Bang Jensen were approved respectively by the meeting participants.
10.   Determination of membership fee for coming year, no membership fees; too much administration
11.  1. Proposal: continue to have reduced NOSOVE course fee for Baltic students, should there be a limited number of Baltic participants?  5 first participants should have a reduced course fee.                                                 
 2. Sponsoring SVEPM or ISVEE conferences were supported
12.   Determination of the time and place for next General Assembly and appointment of the organizer for this meeting.
The time for the course will be in November or late autumn, Heidi Rosengren will be in charge (Finland will be organizing).  The theme is not clarified, Surveillance and monitoring and How to use the software R has been proposed as themes. A decision will be made by the local organizer soon.
13.   Any other business.
1.      A suggestion from the former chairman Lis Alban about the possibilities of organizing a meeting in Iceland was made. Airfare has been going down and the accommodation is quite reasonable. A meeting in Iceland was suggested for 2012 and an e-mail was sent to Auður L. Arnþórsdóttir.
 2. NOSOVE- and NOVA courses must not be put in the same week.
 15. Closing of the meeting

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