The Nordic Society for Veterinary Epidemiology (NOSOVE) is an informal organization with the vision of advancing veterinary epidemiology. The volunteering board aim to fulfill the vision by providing courses and opportunities to socialise and strengthen the network among post graduate students, researchers and others with an interest in epidemiology. Events are presented through the society network (blogspot).
NOSOVE started in 1988 as a collaboration between the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, and has expanded to include the Baltic countries, but welcome members and participants from all countries.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NOSOVE is looking for a new logo

NOSOVE has decided to update our logo. 

The need became apparent during the last GA where the point was raised that our current logo is not representing the Baltic States that have become present and active in the NOSOVE activites. 

We have already received one submission by Marie Nöremark that will be considered. 

We invite anyone interested to participate in illustrating a new logo for NOSOVE, please send it to brian.lassen[at] 

The competition will close 1st August 2013.
The submissions are considered highly appreciated but voluntary work.

All logo's will be listed in this post and we welcome comments from members on this blog post that we can take into account when making the final decision.

Submission by Maria Nöremark
Illustrators comments for logo: The basis of the logo is a compass with a needle pointing north, to represent the Nordic part of NOSOVE.  In the middle is a graph to represent epidemiology. The logo is made up of the letters of NOSOVE; the two Os are the ring of the compass, the N is north on the compass, the V (upside down) is both the compass arrow and part of the graph, the E is the x-axis of the graph, the S is a curve in the graph.

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