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Monday, 6 October 2014

Vacancy: Top expert Microbiological Risk Assessment / Modelling, Bilthoven, Netherlands

The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) is the research institute of the government in the field of public health, nutrition, environment and safety. The RIVM conducts research, but also collects global knowledge and applies it.The institute annually publishes a large number of reports and advices. RIVM, based in Bilthoven, has approximately 1500 employees.

Within the RIVM, the domain Infectious Diseases & Vaccinology, better known as the Centre for Infectious Disease Control(CIb), focuses on the identification, control and prevention of infectious diseases for the benefit of public health in theNetherlands. This domain has 5 centres. Within one of these, the Centre for Zoonoses and Environmental Microbiology (Z&O) is the vacant position of:

Top expert Microbiological Risk Assessment / Modelling
(m/f, 36 hours per week, vacancy: I&V-Z&O-003)

The job

The Top expert within the centre Z&O is directly placed under the head of the centre.
As a Top expert you have a knowledge-coordinating and knowledge-locking role for the three departments within the centre. You have a strong integrating role in cross-domain social issues and you will take the lead in acquisition initiatives. In addition, from your methodological background you guard the quality, integrate microbiological data (partly generated by new technologies) with quantitative risk assessment for answering infectious disease questions. To the outside world, you position your field of activity and research results in the scientific, governmental and social field.
More precisely the job includes the following activities:
·         (Co) drafting of the substantive vision and strategy of the Centre and the derived annual plan; 
·         Contributing to the actual implementation of the substantive plans and the project portfolio and to the innovation of the field and applied methodology in risk assessment / modelling, anticipating the trends relevant for the RIVM and the Centre;
·         Formulating relevant scientific topics in the area of ​​the Centre (zoonoses, microbiological food safety and environmental safety) in relation to the public health of infectious diseases. For this purpose, also guiding influence on official, political or social governors;
·         Participating in, maintaining and developing relevant networks and partnerships with the (inter)national scientific community, other relevant stakeholders within the substantive field of action, and the implementing bodies;
·         Guidance on the implementation of the recently formulated modelling strategy of the Centre in cooperation with the modellers, with a strong guiding role on broad cooperation and connection from the Centre to the outside world;
·         Acquiring research budgets for relatively large national and international research projects resulting from the vision and strategy;
·         Initiating (frontier) scientific research within the field and being actively involved in the SPR (Strategic Program RIVM) scientific research;
·         (Co) monitoring the intrinsic scientific quality and steering to groundbreaking lines of research within the field of risks assessment and modelling, including organizing meetings and encouraging interaction between modellers;
·         Steering to an integrated approach to issues/tasks in the Centre in cooperation with other parts of the RIVM;
·         Acting as interlocutor to the Chief Science Officers of the RIVM for the internal thinking on strategic knowledge priorities and assuring quality and for the connection of scientific issues;
·         Strategic and substantive represent and broad dissemination of research results in formal (inter)national consultation, the principals of policy and supervisory authority (including Ministery of Public Health and the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety authority), in (inter)national bodies, academia, and social organizations;
·         regularly (co) publish in (high-quality) scientific journals and contribute to the delivery of comprehensive advice products;
·         Utilizing bioinformatics analysis for the field of public health and infectious diseases (molecular risk assessment) in consultation with researchers in this field at the RIVM;
·         From a modelling perspective play a leading role in the Centre for the spearheads ‘molecular epidemiology’ and ‘public health risks by antimicrobial resistance’.

Knowledge, education, skills and view

You are an ambitious senior researcher with an academic background, PhD, with a solid methodological basis and preferably experience in the field of infectious diseases or microbiology (zoonoses, microbiological food safety or environmental safety)and public health. You have proven expertise in acquisition of (inter) national research projects with interdisciplinary specialists. You have practical knowledge and experience working in the triangle of knowledge/science, practice/implementation and policy/supervision. You have a thorough knowledge of and strategic vision in the field of microbiological risk assessment/modelling.

In addition:
           You are a generalist with a broad orientation on the field and an overview of the usefulness and limitations of microbiological techniques, biostatistics, and modelling and are able to apply the right mixture of techniques for the issues of commissioning bodies.           
•           Through your research you have earned the confidence and the ambition and the talent to function (in time) at professor level.
•           You can act innovative, including through the introduction of new ideas and insights.
              You are able to operate authoritative and convincing and are recognized (to become) an authority (figurehead).
•           You are internationally oriented and have a relevant (inter)national network.
•           You have experience in managing professionals, promoting cooperation and inspiring, motivating and connecting people and resources.
•                     You are stress resistant and able to work under pressure.

Job offer

We offer a full-time permanent position (possible trial period). The salary of the function group Senior Scientific researcher scale 15 is between €4768 (min) and €6726 (max), based on full-time employment (36 hours a week), excluding 8% holiday allowance. 

Other benefits
In addition to the salary and holiday allowance, you can expect a year-end bonus (thirteenth salary). The government is strongly committed to personal growth and career development and provides plenty of opportunities. The secondary benefits include up to 55% of paid parental leave (under conditions), study facilities, an additional leave for the elderly, a full commuter allowance (annual card second class public transport) and a pension scheme. With the government, you have a number of individual choices when composing your benefits package. We have flexible working conditions.

For more information about the position, you can contact the Head of the Centre Z&O Dr. Y.T.H.P. van Duynhoven (+31 30-2743480). For questions about the procedure, you can contact Ms. J. Servais, HRM-advisor CIb, tel. +31 30-274 2120.

You can send your (digital) letter of application and resume, indicating vacancy number I&V-Z&O-003 at the latest on 9 October 2014 to

An assessment or safety evaluation can be part of the procedure.

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